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IN the beginning...

It's simple.  WE LOVE COFFEE.  Anyone who has a conversation with Jen wlll see that she has a passion for GREAT coffee.  This means coffee that is ethically sourced (organic, shade-grown, fair-trade, etc), locally roasted and fresh!  Jen loves to soak in as much as she can about her trade and share it with the world!

​In 2011 we took the opportunity to turn our "coffee interest" into our passion, our career and our life! We opened our first café in North Branch. The Brew Bus came along in 2016 and has given us the opportunity to see our great state of Minnesota while doing business!

Everyday Joe, LLC , Everyday Joe Coffee Brew Bus & The Roamin' Joe is NOT a franchise or a chain coffee shop.  We are family owned! This is our one and only business!

We are members of the Specialty Coffee Association.  We use a local micro-roaster for our bean supply, and we buy Fair-Trade and Organic coffees whenever possible. 


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